Article Courtesy of Mighty

The Ronda vs. Cyborg debate

If there is one super fight that is spoken about more than any other right now I would have to say it is Ronda Rousey vs. Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino. Cyborg is arguably the only female fighter currently left to challenge the dominant female mma queen of the octagon. Here's the kicker - they don't even fight in the same weight class!

Time and time again I hear about a catch weight fight at 140 lbs.? Why? What benefit does Ronda get from this? Oh, well why doesn't Ronda move up to 145 lbs. then? Same scenario - what is the benefit? Ronda's bantam weight title wouldn't be on the line. She would be fighting out of her normal weight class and lets be honest the fact is if Ronda lost she has way more to lose than to gain. Don't get me wrong the fanboy in me wants to see this fight as much as the next mma fanatic but it just doesn't make sense. If Cyborg is serious about wanting to fight Ronda she should get in touch with a high level nutritionist, like Mike Dolce, and do a mock training camp with a weight cut to 135 lbs.

That's what makes sense in my mind. Why should Ronda bow down to Cyborgs terms? Until Ronda is over thrown from her reign in the UFC's bantam weight division she should be calling the shoots and not vice versa. With that being said - Cyborg CUT THAT WEIGHT!!