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Mark "Mighty" Anders

Mark "Mighty" AndersOriginally from New York, Mighty came to Northern California at a young age. With no siblings and growing up in some rough cities such as Daly City, San Pablo and Vallejo he soon found that he needed to learn to defend himself. A father of a childhood friend introduced him to boxing, showing him some basic punches and footwork. From that point on he was in love with combat sports. As he got into the teen years he started training in boxing out his mother’s garage but by the start of college boxing was nothing more than a memory.

After 2 years of college Mighty moved back to the east coast, Easton, Pennsylvania, the home town of Larry Holmes. After actually meeting Mr. Holmes in person it rekindled the fire for the love of combat sports. Meeting new friends and hosting parties for boxing events he learned to love a new aspect of the game – the stats, the facts, the insight. After 2 years he couldn’t handle the harsh east coast winters and headed back to Northern California.

By now mma (mixed martial arts) had slowly started making a name for itself. Zuffa had just bought the UFC and it was slowly starting to gain momentum. With boxing becoming more about politics and money the interest of mma started to become more appealing as the new love of combat sports. The sport was still underground per say but there was definitely a fan base. As more and more of Mighty’s friends were introduced to mma it became the new thing to watch. As years past Mighty’s house would be known as the spot to watch all the mma events and still is.

Getting a deeper passion for mma, he not only enjoyed watching the sport but talking about it as well. Mighty felt he wanted to do something more but wasn’t quite sure how. After meeting Devin ‘D-Bo’ Taylor and having numerous conversations about mixed martial arts it just MADE since to take it to the next level. Instead of just talking about mixed martial arts to one another, bring the knowledge and insight to the whole world.Now it’s 2013 and although it’s been hard work the journey has just begun. We hope to bring a great product to all the mma fans out there as well as bringing in new ones!

Devin "D'Bo" Taylor

Devin "D-Bo" TaylorDevin “D-Bo” Taylor was born and raised in California. At the tender age of 12, a childhood friend showed D-Bo a video of the underground sensation, UFC 1. Billed as the no holds barred answer to which martial art style was superior, D-Bo was immediately in love. UFC 1 showcased Brazilian Jui-Jitsu and Royce Gracie, a 160lb wizard who was breaking arms and suffocating 200lb men into submission on his way to winning the tournament.

D-Bo couldn’t get enough UFC and was soon a fan of Mixed Martial Arts from all over the world. The UFC was the main attraction in America, but Pride FC from Japan brought a different set of rules to the game and more importantly a more aggressive and dangerous style of fighter.

After years of following Pride FC, the UFC, Strikeforce, Affliction, and any other MMA promotion with great fights and fighters D-Bo finally got the break he needed. The UFC opened their first MMA gym in Concord California just minutes from where he was living. D-Bo was finally able to train in all aspects of Mixed Martial Arts just like the fighters he loved. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, boxing , Muay Thai, Crossfit for cardio and sparring. 9 months of intense training turned D-Bo into a self-proclaimed bad ass, but even bad asses can tear their ACL. After 6 months of rehab D-Bo decided that watching and discussing MMA with Mighty was a much better way to go.

The perfect duo was MADE and now it is time to share our passion with the world.

Brian "Brian E" Edelson

Brian "Brian E" EdelsonBrian is a California kid - born and raised. His parents moved to Pittsburg CA when he was only at the age of two. Since the age of eight, Brian has been involved in martial arts, particularly Tae Kwon Do, but he has also trained in BJJ, with a couple of years experience under his belt to add to his TKD background. Nearly 34 years later, he still teaches occasionally and trains as much as possible. Being involved in martial arts has always kept an appreciation of combat sports for him.

Brian actively competed in Point Tournaments until 10 years ago, but then turned and focused his weekends on family and other activities. To this day, he still goes to tournaments from time to time to see old friends and assist with officiating.

UFC 1 was the turning point. Brian was hooked into the world of MMA. Although the rules were much different from today, Brian appreciated the real, true to form fighting that was displayed. He even has old VHS taps of UFC 2 and 3, which are a prized collection. He follows most MMA organizations and keeps informed on events related to the sport.

Mighty and Brian met about 10 years ago through a mutual friend. Right from the start, they hit it off as friends. Know Brian had experience in other media such as podcasts, it only MADE sense that with his uncanny knowledge, hands on experience and love of combat sports that he would be a great addition to the MMA MADE team.

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